Classic Chipper – presented by Warrior Massage & Mobility

Warrior mobility

Classic Chipper–presented by Warrior Massage & Mobility– 14 time cap

*One athlete working at a time with working athlete on black mat. Athletes may switch as needed.

For time of:
200 Double Unders
100 KB Swings 53/35/26
50 Box Jumps Overs 24/20”
1K row

Scoring: For time with a 14 minute time cap. Any missed reps due to time cap will be added as 1 second each. The total time will be ranked against all other teams in the division. This final ranking will count as one quarter of the overall scoring for the Tango event. *The time it takes to complete 200 double unders by itself may be used as a tie-breaker in podium decision or WOD winner prize only (ties will be permitted on the WOD itself).

Movement Standards:
Both athletes are not required to do each movement. (If you rock at doubles, and your partner is terrible at them, then you can choose to do all the double unders…he/she is not required to contribute to the movement and make you both suffer while he/she beats himself/herself up with the rope. You can divide the work any way your team desires.)

Double Unders / Singles: (DU) The jump rope must pass under the athletes feet twice before the athlete’s feet return to the ground. (SU) The jump rope must pass under the athlete’s feet once before the athlete’s feet return to the ground.

RX teams MUST complete DU. Scaled teams may choose either DU or SU but they must designate to their judge which movement will be performed prior to the WOD and both athletes must do the same movement. Any teams choosing to complete the WOD with SU will be ranked below other teams choosing to complete the WOD with DU’s and progresses through the 100 KB swings. Any team choosing to complete DU’s but does not complete the following 100 KB swings will be ranked below those teams choosing SU, so choose wisely!

Kettlebell Swing: The movement will start with the bell between the athlete’s legs. Using both hands, the athlete will elevate the bell into the overhead position. At the top of the swing, the athlete’s arms must be fully extended and ears showing in front of arms. The knees, hips, shoulders, and elbows must be in vertical line. The base of the kettlebell must be pointed towards the sky. The kettlebell must pass between the legs before the start of the next swing. NO DROPPING OF THE KETTLEBELLS! If an athlete drops a kettlebell, a 5 burpee penalty will be enforced immediately.

Box Jumps Overs:  Teams must first move their box to center of black mat. Working athlete must jump onto the box with both feet taking off the ground and landing at the same time. Athlete is NOT required to fully extend hips on top of the box. The athlete will then jump or step off of the opposite side of the box to complete the rep. If alternating reps between athletes, the 2nd athlete may not begin his/her rep until the 1st athlete has made contact with the ground on the opposite side of the box. The feet are the only part of the body that may may contact with the box for a good rep. Step-up Overs are permitted for scaled athletes with no ranking penalty but BOTH FEET must make contact with the top of the box for each rep.

Row: Any damper setting is permitted. One athlete may be strapped in the rower while his/her partner completes the last reps of the box jump overs, but may not touch the handle until the last rep of the box jump overs is complete. Total time for the WOD will be recorded when the rower hits the 1000m point.